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Sarah and Ronnie are positively triumphant during the recessional.

I really can’t say enough great things about Earl. From start to finish he really did an unbelievable job.My wife and I have a pretty particular eye for photography, and we really wanted to use someone for our wedding that could capture the spontaneous, fun, and vibrant nature of our celebration. After peeking at Earl’s portfolio, we were afraid he would cost way more than we could afford. To our delight, his prices were extremely competitive for someone of his caliber.Throughout the process he was always easily accessible. No matter how crazed we got before the wedding, he always maintained his professionalism – ready to chime in with a bit of humor and put our concerns to rest.When the big day arrived, Earl just blended into the crowd. And when we received the photos, they did anything but that. We have hundreds of eye-popping photographs, each one more astonishing than the next. Every time I look at the album, I’m able to relive the outpouring of excitement, love, affection, and joy that I experienced that day.

In my book, he gets a five star, two thumbs up, fist pumping, tear jerking, Earltastic rating.




Nikki’s liftoff.

I knew from the first email I received from Earl that he would be a great photographer for my wedding day but I could never imagine just how much I would LOVE my pictures!! Earl was extremely professional, positive, and quick to respond from the first time I got in touch with him until after my wedding day.And of course the most important part – the pictures! They are so amazing that I am having the hardest time narrowing down what I would like to put in my album. He is one person, but he was everywhere! There is nothing he missed. The best part of Earl’s pictures is that he captured every emotion of the day.




An emotional moment in Samantha and Brian’s ceremony

I cannot speak highly enough about Earl Christie and his work as our wedding photographer. Earl’s photographs are incredible– somehow, he managed to be both invisible and ubiquitous at the same time. We never felt like he was intruding on us, and, for the most part, he just blended into the background, but he managed to capture countless meaningful moments as they happened.We were amazed by the photos he took! From a look my mom and I shared, to the way my husband smiled while dancing with his niece, he got it all on film, and did so in an artistic and beautiful way, that really made our day seem all the more special. I love our wedding album so much that I smile thinking about it being a family heirloom for generations to come.And, for as gifted and inspired an artist as Earl is, he is also a wonderful person to be around. He was receptive to our requests, gave thoughtful insights when we were faced with a decision, and was a calming, joyful presence on a day when we just hoped to be surrounded by people who care about us.If we could marry each other again, we’d be sure to book Earl Christie as our photographer. The sheer number of compliments we’ve received on his work has been overwhelming, and our families thought he was a delight to be around. Plus, the kids in our family loved that he only took the fewest number of posed shots. We are two very satisfied costumers, and some of Earl’s biggest fans!




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