Willowdale Estate Wedding of Brian and Ty

Brian and Ty had their winter themed wedding at the Willowdale Estate in Topsfield MA. Ty made all of the table numbers and each centerpiece was based on antique milk glass and mercury glass vessels they’d collected over the past year. They arrived at the venue together and quickly got down the the task of getting ready.

Boston Wedding Photographer

Boston Wedding Photographers

Boston Wedding Photography

MA Wedding Photographer

MA Wedding Photographers

MA Wedding Photography

Massachusetts Wedding Photographer


It was an unseasonably warm day for January, and we took advantage of the late afternoon light to shoot some portraits around the Willowdale grounds.

Massachusetts Wedding Photographers

Massachusetts Wedding Photography

Willowdale Estate Wedding Photographer

Willowdale Estate Wedding Photographers

Willowdale Estate Wedding Photography


Ty and Brian escorted their mothers down the aisle and during the ceremony they exchanged love letters, each reading what the other had written to them.

Same Sex Wedding Photographer

Same Sex Wedding Photographers

Same Sex Wedding Photography

Gay and Lesbian Wedding Photographer

Gay and Lesbian Wedding Photographers

Gay and Lesbian Wedding Photography


Their reception was filled with light-hearted speeches, touching moments and dancing, dancing, dancing!

Willowdale Topsfield Photographer

Willowdale Topsfield Photographers

Willowdale Topsfield Photography

Furciferous Wedding Photographer

Furciferous Wedding Photographers

Furciferous Wedding Photography

Boston Wedding Photographer

Boston Wedding Photography


Special thanks to Maine Wedding Photographer Andree Kehn, who helped me out by capturing fantastic photos all day long.

Same Sex Wedding Photographer

Same Sex Wedding Photographers

Same Sex Wedding Photography


Congratulations again, Ty and Brian!

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