DePrisco Jewelers Wedding Band Event & Special Offer

Wedding Bands

Have you decided on your Wedding Bands yet? If not then you owe it to yourselves to head down to DePrisco Jewelers in for their 19th Annual Wedding Band Event. During this event they have an expanded selection of wedding bands at great prices. The event started this past weekend and from what I heard it was busy, busy, busy. It runs until March 20th.

While you’re at DePrisco’s, check out the gallery of large prints I’m exhibiting there. They are all photos from the past year and for many of the images this is the first time they’ve printed at exhibition size. I love big prints!

And if you purchase your wedding bands at DePrisco’s, you can also get a complimentary engagement session if you book any of my collections. Just ask for the postcard describing the special offer while you’re there drooling over the wedding bands.

You know, I just realized that I have a nice little collection of DePrisco’s little dark blue boxes at home. They are where I purchased my wife’s engagement ring, our wedding bands, and any number of gifts. To me, DePrisco’s is more than just a Jeweler, they’re family.

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