Award Winning Album – Grace Restaurant Wedding

This week I’ve been presenting albums which recently won awards at this year’s Professional Photographers of Massachusetts Competition, and for the final installment I have the album of a really incredible couple.

I was introduced to Arielle and Kavi through one of Kavi’s longtime friends, Maine wedding photographer and fellow ShootStyle member Andree Kehn. Andree couldn’t shoot their wedding as she was going to be enjoying the evening as a guest. Well she did manage to shoot some (nothing in version of the album of course) but then put her camera away and partied. See if you can spot her in the album!

Arielle and Kavi are the kind of people that you crave as friends. They’re hip and funny, love great food and have an innate sense of style. All of those qualities were abundantly apparent on their wedding day. They’re also incredibly generous. At a recent wedding show they agreed to hang out in my booth and show off their album. Even better, after the show they introduced me to some of Portland’s incredible dining options. I can’t wait to go back!

So a great many thanks to Arielle and Kavi (and Andree)! Now let me present their Blue Ribbon scoring wedding album:


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