2 Photographers – 2 Visions

Last weekend Andree (Maine Wedding Photographer) invited me to return to the shores of Sebago Lake in Maine. We had a developed a pretty good working rhythm during our last shoot together, and for most of the day, we each did our own thing and came away with two unique views of the same event. During a quiet moment, we asked the couple to pose in front a classic New England setting–a shack which was covered with old buoys.

Andree moved in close enough to see the weathering of the old buoys and threw the couple out of focus in the background:


I shot the couple through a bush with a plastic lens, framing the them against the wall.


I think that having the same couple, the same setting, the same light, and two shots taken within seconds of each other, really illustrates how two photographers will visualize the same subject differently.

Vive la différence!

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