New England Boudoir with ShootStyle

My colleagues at ShootStyle along with a half dozen models and a few other photographers descended upon this fantastic cabin on the shore of Sebago Lake in Maine for another boudoir marathon.

We like to push ourselves and the goal this time was to see how many beautiful images we could each create with only an hour to work with each subject. Sometimes during that hour we were also photographing alongside another photographer, each of us switching off posing the subject.

I had a couple of personal goals for the shoot. First I wanted each session to have a different look with it’s own post processing style and mood. Second, I wanted to many of the photos I was going to create to have the natural, unposed look I go for in my Modern Intimates narrative boudoir work.

This is just the kind of creative challenge I enjoy and I’ll to be sharing my results over the next few days.

First up… Taylor!


and next up is Lola:

Check back tomorrow for more photos from the day.

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