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I believe the most important thing about your wedding is the thundering love you share with each another.

At your wedding I will channel my years of experience into crafting breath-taking images that illuminate both your steadfast passion and the the ebullient adulation of your friends and family. The photos, books and albums I create for you will let you relive those moments and lose yourself in those incredible emotions. As your wedding photographer, I’m dedicated to helping you:



Relive the irrepressible joy of of being madly in love and ready to shout it to the world.


Feel the warmth and caring of sharing your wedding day with your closest friends.


Experience your family’s pride in you and aspirations for your relationship.


Know that the people close to you cherish the quirks that make you unique.


Feel the enormity of how in love you still are.


Recognize that romance isn’t what brought you together. Romance is what you are bringing to the world, together.


For $4,500, I’ll come to your wedding and create the kind of photos that jump off the page, slap you in the face, and shout, “This is what real love looks like!” I’ll post your images on a private website you can look at while you’re supposed to be working, and send to your friends if you want to brag. I’ll also give you your images on a disc with a legal release giving you the rights to make as many prints as your heart desires.

For a little bit more money, I’ll create one of my award-winning albums that showcase your photographs in a medium that will last a lifetime.

Contact me and if I’m available for your wedding date, I’ll send you all the details in a complete, no-hassle email.


Inquire about photography for your wedding.


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