Boston Engagement Session – Kate & Ryan

Kate, Ryan and I have been trying to get together for months to shoot their engagement session. On our first try it was too cold. Our second potential outing was scrubbed because it was too windy in the city. Finally last weekend we were blessed by a beautiful spring day! Flowers were in bloom in the Public Gardens, squirrels were begging for treats and it seemed everyone in the city was enjoying the spring weather.

Boston Wedding Photographer

Boston Wedding Photographers

Boston Wedding Photography

MA Wedding Photographer


Lots of people get their photo taken on top of the lagoon bridge in the Boston Public Garden, but Kate and Ryan were cool with taking a photo under it!

MA Wedding Photographers

Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

Massachusetts Wedding Photographers

Ryan said that he thought they should take dance lessons before the wedding, but seeing them spin and whirl in the park, I think they’ll do just fine without them!

Massachusetts Wedding Photography

Backyard Tent Wedding Photographer

Backyard Tent Wedding Photographers

Even on a spring evening, your hands can get cold. Luckily Kate knows a hand warming expert.

Backyard Tent Wedding Photography

Milton Wedding Photographer

Milton Wedding Photographers

On their third date together, Kate and Ryan decided to keep it low-key and they just grabbed some pizza slices in Quincy Market. This is the same table that they sat at that on fun night.

Milton Wedding Photography

Colorful Wedding Photographer

We meandered all the way down to the waterfront before the sun went down.

Colorful Wedding Photographers

Colorful Wedding Photography


Congratulations on your engagement Kate and Ryan!

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