What I want for you

When I think about it, I’m not that different from my dog Lucky or any other animal walking, flying or swimming around the planet. What makes people special? Love? Maybe, but if you have a dog or a cat and you feed them regularly they probably love you as much as you love them. Just like us, animals can be joyous, sad, confused, or excited.

The way I see it, the one thing that elevates us above our furry friends is our capacity to feel gratitude. I love my wife. But more than that, I feel this overwhelming fever of gratitude that I am able to share my life with her.

My wedding photo by Ben Chrisman

I’m also grateful for photographer Ben Chrisman’s photos of my wedding.

For me, a wedding isn’t a celebration of two people getting married – it’s a celebration of the love they have for each other. If there is any reason we’ve been put here on Earth, it is to experience and share the kind of love that is so transcendent and deep that the two people feeling it are overcome with unstoppable gratitude.

Like a lot of people, I’ve had relationships that have not worked out in spectacularly messy ways. (My bad usually.) It’s all good now, but I know the feelings of love slipping through your fingers.

When I’m photographing a wedding, I’m rooting for my client’s love. I don’t just want it to simply work out for them–I want their love to overwhelm them. However much they adore each other on their wedding day, I want that intensity of feeling to be the baseline for the rest of their lives.

I want them to be each other’s muses.

I want them to love with an appreciation that lasts forever.

I want their love to be a spark that lights up their lives until the day their lights go out.



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