Bed & Breakfast Boudoir

Fellow ShootStyle member and Maine wedding photographer Andree Kehn invited me to join her for a small boudoir shoot at the Edgewater Farm Bed and Breakfast in Phippsburg, Maine. It was a great fun getting together with her and a couple of models with the sole purpose of creating some sexy portfolio images.

First up are a few of my favorite images of J:

Boston Boudoir Photographers

MA Boudoir Photography

B&B Boudoir Photographer

Colorful Boudoir Photography


N also joined us and here are a few photos from her session:

New England Boudoir Photographers

Massachusetts Boudoir Photographers

Boston Boudoir Photographer

B&B Boudoir Photography


By the way, Andree also used this shoot as an example of how to put together a model shoot for the ShootStyle blog. If you’re a photographer interested in hosting your own model shoot, you should check it out.

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